Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Chandelier Trend

Wow, is this spectacular or what?  A totally fabulous take on the classic chandelier that has been oh so popular in home decor for the past few years.  Don't think this trend hasn't caught my eye -I have a pair of chandelier wall decals just waiting for the perfect wall.  This mirrored beauty is available for a mere $1080 from Accent - Copenhagen.

At right, is a wall decal similar to the ones I have.  These are such a simple, yet economical way to make a bold statement without the financial or long-term committment!  At just $34.99 from A Sticky Place , you could change your decor with the season! 

Oh my, I just couldn't get away from showing something that was vintage, could I?  This is a beautiful example in white, absolutely dripping with crystal prisms.  $495 from Chandelier Magic

Not ready to make a bold statement or financial committement?  You can still get the look -it's all in the details.  This funky chandelier lighswitch plate from Funky Chicken Design is a mere $5 investment!  Or this more subtle trend following printed pillow for $18 by Freshline ?

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