Monday, February 1, 2010

Mid Century Modern -Clean, Functional, Stylin'!

Such a great era for home furnishings and home decor, and very easy to find right now.  Check out your parent's basement or local garage sales come spring!  
For example, this unique little map desk; clean lines, unique finishes and metal & wood mix hardware -gorgeous!  Available from Hindsvik for $495 -I dare you to find another one just like it!

Now, how about this walnut and brass vintage lamp from Lise Vintage Lighting ?  The Mix of natural wood and metal are very typical of this style, so is that fabulous tiered lamp shade.  This is listed at $210.

At $39, this table centrepiece is an affordable addition to any mid-century mod home.  Here again, the mix of metal & natural dark wood.  Lovely!  At Avant Garage.
I'd be amiss to leave out dishes and serving platters; probably the most common Mid-Century Modern item found in the 60's household.  Fabulous, I want a whole set! 
Left, are dessert plates, set of 6 for $30 from halfCaf.   Divided serving dish and gravy boat in melmac available from Amazon Art for only $9!

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