Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pincushions! Old, New -Anything Goes!

With the recent resurgence in all things handmade, comes the re-popularity of all things handmakers need, like pincushions.  Now, my personal history with pincushions extends as far as the red, sand filled tomato in my mother's sewing kit.  I used to love to pull out all the pins and rearrange them in designs and patterns for her to discover the next time she went to use her sewing box!
Little did I know that pincushions have and do come in just about any shape or theme imaginable!
Oh. My. Goodness.  I fell instantly in love with this little example.  Not only is it vintage, but it's been refurbished with vintage fabric -double love!
Available at A Touch Of Vintage, just south of me in Toronto for a mere $15.  Don't be surprised if I've snatched this one up before you get a chance at it...

I "oooo'ed" at this one as soon as I saw it -how handy indeed!  A pocket for 12 spools of thread, and such a lovely retro fabric.  Love it!  Available from La Bonne Femme for $11.

Along the theme of the tomato pincushion of my memory is this slightly fancier velvet apple.  Very cute; I have quite the thing for apples, but that would make a great post theme for another time.  This one is $30, and available from Neat Curios -neat indeed!
Now on to some modern day, handmade finds.

Toooooo cute, and dare I say, a perfectly practical example of a pincushion?  A sweet take on the functional wrist worn pincushions of dressmakers, created by Bright Side Out, for a very affordable $6!  I see stocking stuffers for all your sewing friends next Christmas!

Hmmmm, wonder why this one caught my eye??  I'll give you a hint -I love my morning cuppa java!  Dottryal's shop is ALL pincushions --you have to check it out, dozens of clever designs; obviously a rabid pincushion fan!  This one is available for $19.

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  1. What fabulous pincushions! Thanks so much for featuring mine!


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