Friday, March 26, 2010


I know, it's officially Spring, but the days can still be quite chilly, and I for one am not ready for bare legs.  I've always loved stockings, or tights, or leggings, or whatever name you call them by, ever since kindergarten.  I remember a pair of white tights in particular because at recess one day I fell and scraped my knee -less concerned for my knee, but heartbroken by the hole in my beautiful white tights!
How about these awesome tie-dyed knit thigh highs?  They look so cozy!  Check out the other tie-dyed looks at, Tie Mee, these are only $20!
These are at once, cute & sex-ay!  Like getting a tattoo without the pain -and permanancy.    These are $16 from Tattoo Socks and More.  Endless designs available, but Peacock feathers are a super hot trend right now!
These don't really qualify as stockings, per se; more like legwarmers, or dare I suggest, "spats". So unique I had to show them in two different colours!   I think I would like them turned around as well, what a lasting impression your departure would make!  On sale now for $75 (remember, these are all crocheted!)  by Sannica
Very cool, these vintage design patterned tights!  Love the vertical stripes -very thinning to the leg.  Available for $12, from Daixiaole.

And, of course I love vintage, old new stock!  Shaped, seamed stockings circa 1941!   The real thing from Oddjects for $22.  This is a brand spankin' new store; if this is any indication of future finds there, I'll be visiting again!

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