Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wall Clocks -50's, 60's, 70's - Love 'Em!

Still working on my Retro-Contemporary kitchen and wading through many fabulous vintage wall clocks -after all, every kitchen needs a good time keeping feature.   At the end, I'll reveal the one I chose...
Love this starburst style example above; a little out of my price range at $150, from 41 Ford Gal's Vintage & More , but it makes such a fabulous statement, no?

Ooooo, faux bois is so Retro-hot right now!  This is super sweet, cheeky take by General Electric.  At only $26, it's an affordable way to add not only a contemporary trend, but Retro appeal.   Available at Fresh Era .

Here's a beautiful, softer example in pale, chippy mint. Lovely! From Grandmas Junk Drawer for $40.

If I were including red in my kitchen decor, this lovely, Deco wall clock would be a definite contender!  $35 from Fried Green Tomato .

Although each of these examples are truly fabulous and inspiring, the winner is.....

The perfect addition to my kitchen in my favourite turquoise!  An absolute STEAL at $14.50 from Pink Painter !  Now, don't think you can beat me to it, this cutie is already safe & sound in my kitchen, plugged in and keeping good time!  Do check out her shop though for lots of interesting Retro items & some sweet vintage children's books & items.
Come back soon for more updates on my decorating adventures, progress, and a lotta things that "Eye" just love!


  1. Great post...I love vintage clocks too. They are so cool !

  2. Beautiful! I love the red deco clock.


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