Monday, September 13, 2010

Lucite. Luuuuuuucite. Love it!

I love lucite; what's not to love?  It goes with anything, is useful in so many applications, has a great weight, sparkle and I do not downplay it's practicality!
The above examples are both great examples of how flexible the material can be, both in design and application.  Both available from Fabulous Mess , Tray and Cake Stand, are each $50 USD.

From tabletop to fashion accessories -told you this stuff was adaptable!  This lucite clutch with rhinestone inlays from the 50's would go with just about any evening outfit.  Available at Vintagous for $79. 

How cool is this clock??  Perfect for the retro boudoir! 
Curved design features gold bubbles incorporated within the material -genius!  From LOOKING for YESTERDAY , at $27.50, don't expect this gem to last.
Oh my, speaking of lucite in the boudoir -perfect for the mid-century retro boudoir is this lovely vanity chair.  Those lines, swoon!  At $799 from ReMod Furnishings , this is definitely an investment piece.

Okay, I think I just want to live in Fabulous Mess' Shop  This is such an elegant piece that takes up practically no visual space, but has such visual impact!  $375 for this beauty.

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  1. I love that lucite bag, but i don't know if i would want all eyes on the goodies I have stashed in there!


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